Fiend and foes

Fiends are Friends

fiendandfoes Is an NFT dark art character series of pixelated monsters and animations by Asterkore available on Atomic Hub and NeftyBlocks. They come in limited series of still and animated character heads ranging from 1 to 20, and short animated “psychotic episodes”.

Bad trip, psychotic episodes are rare and are a real psychological thriller. The NFT contains the gif and an mp4 with soundscapes only available to the purchaser.

I got into pixel art in my work as a high school teacher. Even though I was trained to teach cooking I began teaching game design and had to learn on the job. Lucky for me I loved games and constantly doodled in class anyway. I enjoyed using pixel art as a new medium for me because it reminds me of old games I used to play like Cosmo’s cosmic adventure and bomber man. I also love drawing monsters and creeps because it’s horribly fun. – asterkore

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