Unhappy Halloween!

ALERT! Asterkore’s Halloween special NFT drop. To celebrate the fiendandfoes collection, which is basically Halloween everyday, I am dropping this little pumpkin fella who is down and out as well as two of his best fiends on Waxoween where he will be part of Morbsverse VR gallery! Woohoo! Join the fiendandfoes universe and get him! Available to purchase on the Nefty Blocks drop link here.

Drop starts on the 29th October 00:00 (+8 gmt) and ends 15th November SHARP



Matt the bat is made in memory of my friend Matt who got me into NFTs. He never got to see mine sadly. His family gave me his prized mummified bat he found on a worksite, so I drew this cool dude who wears some magnificent fleshcessories on his face.

Pumpkin head

All the characters in fiendandfoes are unique pixel art creations I lovingly create with a stylus and laptop.

NFT detail

It is a bad day to be a pumpkin. You watch your family disembowelled and used as a crude decorative prop in some pretentious suburb on the synthetic front lawn while kids in visibly poor quality ‘spooky’ costumes that can only be classed as garbage spend their first 5 minutes of the year outside, pestering the locals for candies with an empty threat of a ‘trick’ to the unobliging. You know they won’t follow through because they’re even bigger pussies than their parents who won’t let them outside unattended in case a nutcase with a taste for children lures them into their van. Newsflash Karen, your child is just not that attractive, and the only Vans you should worry about is when your twenty something year old son decides ‘van life’ for him and he doesn’t need a job like the rest of you chumps, so he sells your daughters kidney on the black market after giving her a survivable dose of fentanyl, feigning it was meth like she requested, and attempts to renovate an old kombi, but the thing won’t go and he has lost interest so he just uses it to smoke bongs in without you noticing and skulks around while you ask your daughter where she got the scar on her lower back. Remind me never again to quit drinking.

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Starving artist

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